I Want To Age

I was thinking about aging the other day. How come?, you’ll say. Well, I was sitting on the couch at the beauty salon, along with two other friends waiting for a doctor to explain what’s a hyaluronic acid procedure like. Basically, it’s a painless injection (if anesthetic is used) that fills up the holes, wrinkles and fine lines you get with age.

Mind you, I’m not even in my thirties. But for the first time I was realizing I had fine lines too, around my mouth like a ( ) . It didn’t even cross my mind to examine them before or to want to fix them.

In the end, I politely declined the offer to make me look better, not only because the idea of having a needle in my face was creepy but also because I was OK with my appearance. That’s even stranger considering last month I was happily celebrating my 25th birthday as other girls were hiding their age and dreading next year.

The idea of getting old was terrifying to them. To me, it was natural and even interesting. I can’t wait to be 30, 35, 40, 45 and so on. I think every age comes with its ups and downs, but mostly ups. Experiences, adventures and many moments of wisdom I cannot wait to have.

As for my body, I hope I’ll age beautifully but most importantly I hope I’ll have the sass, courage and simply joy of life that Iris Apfel has.

iris_courtesy of Advanced Style

I don’t know if you’ve seen the Iris documentary, it’s spectacular, exactly like her. This woman is a role model from head to toe. Here is the trailer:

Heard her line: “A woman is as old as she looks. But a man is never old until he stops looking”? Hysterical, right? But jokes aside, I have to disagree. I think a woman is as old as she lets her mind be.

Going back to Iris, I think she also had the luck of finding smart people who said some blunt truths that gave her the guts to be herself: “You’re not pretty and you’ll never be pretty, but it doesn’t matter – you have something much better. You have style”.

She might even reform me…

“I can’t judge – it’s better to be happy than well-dressed” – Iris Apfel

But not too soon, don’t worry 😉

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