Summer Jewelry: My Favorite Necklaces

If you’ve visited at least once my Pinterest account, (if not, do it now. Seriously. Or this post is pointless. Ok, just joking, you can stalk me later 🙂 ) you might have seen the Inspirational Looks board and the My Style one. Those two were separate from the beginning, for two reasons:

1. many, many, many times what I usually go for can’t be borrowed from Couture shows


2. I always type Pinterest dot com to find inspiration for future outfits and all together looks. I mean, that’s why we’re all there, right?

So, even though I have my fair share of accessories for summer, starting with sunglasses and finishing with rings, I am looking for a quirky, casual, fun necklace that goes with my personality and oh, just about everything I have in my closet.

Currently, I’m obsessing over dainty, gold necklaces worn together or separate aaand I have already purchased one, to start the summer well. Here are my top 3 accessories this summer – I love to wear them at basic shirts, tops and why not, even rompers:


The far left one and the one in center are from Stradivarius, while the third is from H&M. Have you discovered the one I bought this June?

Yes, you guessed right: it’s the layered necklace with the white crystal.

The far left one is by far the most colored accessory I possess –  it has everything, from painted suede string, to rainbow stones, to checkered squares and even a… beetle:


It makes me smile everytime I put it on. It goes beautifully with a silk black top, a white t-shirt or even a monochrome dress. I avoid other prints, since I want to make this piece really pop.

The layered necklace is much more subtle but what I love about it is the sunlight it reflects on my skin. Plus, the crystal gives it a mystery note without being too overbearing.


The H&M piece is an older purchase. I wanted something elegant but not extremely sophisticated so I could wear it in the middle of the day, too. I paired it with denim tops (the first button loosened), white shirts, an zebra print romper in powder pink and black. It goes with everything, really.

What’s next for me?


You can find them here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


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