The Detail That Ruins Any Outfit

“Damn it, if it weren’t for that…” – the last time I said it in my mind, I was taking the picture of this chic older woman.

But let me tell you the whole story. I smiled as soon as I saw one corner of her aqua green blazer. Modern shape, bold color – I loved it immediately.

Then I took in the whole look: geometrical scarf, pink peonies in her hand – a fresh, lovely view I secretly admired from a distance – and paisley blouse. Arghh… why did she have to spoil everything with that ill-advised blouse?

It’s not the first time I see an outfit spoiled by one single detail, one you cannot unsee. The green blazer is a stylish piece in itself, but if you have to add an accessory, a scarf is more than enough.

Don’t try too much – keep it simple. Remember: prints can kill or elevate an outfit 😉

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