Witcher Wanted

Sometimes, the world needs a Witcher. Not just a character, but a real person who deals with monstruos choices, like growing you nails so they resemble Edward Scissorhands’ or glueing fake ones, the type witches wear in cheap theater plays.

Why would you willingly transform yourself in a woman people want to walk away from?! I swear, upon seeing this failed manicure, I didn’t know how to get faster at the exit doors.

Some moments before taking the picture, she was 1 inch away from my hands. Can you imagine that? Well, I did – saw the whole scratching scene and my arm filled with cat-like bruises.

Before you say that it’s trendy, I know Rihanna’s responsible for the whole pointy nail fashion. First of all, she’s a celebrity, an eccentric one who found one more way to gain attention.

If we were to take a step back, we’d see they aren’t practical or pretty an the signs they live on men… I don’t even wanna think about it.

Bottom line: these nails looked cheap, artificial, dangerous, not at all feminine or natural. And since fashion is taking a natural turn… I believe she needs a Witcher to bring her back to reality.

If the Witcher references mean nothing to you, here is a sample of the game that millions have expected this year (3rd part launched in May):



Great costumes, right? Which is your favorite?

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