White MesS Sneakers

I’m ending the weekend on a funny/bitter note. Better said, photo.

Spotted this girl some days ago trying to make an impression. Truth is, I did arrange my glasses better to see the white mess in all its glory. Rhinestones, mesh, some sort of heart, the equivalent of a wedding dress you order online for 10 dollars.

A walking disaster made me draw a gun my phone camera and click away. (In case you’re wondering how I make myself unseen and unheard, let’s just say I’m addicted to the silent button) Before you say anything, let me point the fact that I respect her will to adapt to current trends – Adidas’ Stan Smith and Vans’ leather Slip-On (shown at the end of the post).

What I highly recommend against is choosing a pair with mesh and rhinestones, two materials that exude mystery and elegance, not comfort and a relaxed attitude (hence, sneakers).

The point of mesh is lost in this piece – it doesn’t reveal a sexy side of your body. Not to mention the rhinestones, placed on a heart-shaped “shield”- it looks cheap and it will always look cheap on a day to day item, especially when the rocks are low quality.

What I do recommend:


Buy here: Rachel Zoe ‘Burke’, Buscemi Golden-Padlock Sneakersadidas Originals Stan Smith, Converse Jack Purcell, Vans Perf Leather Slip-On 

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