Best Bargains: June

Do you remember the joy you felt as kids when mom or dad finally gave in to your pleas and bought that big box of candies or that giant icecream? It’s the same joy I feel now every time I discover a new store that has a perfect price-quality report.

June was my lucky month.

I scored some major bargains that make me smile every time I look at them. Quality items + low price = more money for the things that reaaally matter: pizza, coffee (the good stuff), cocktails, vacations… you know. Since I know I’m not the only one who could use some spare change at the end of the day and who gives in to sales from time to time, I’ll tell you where I buy all the good, reasonable priced items on a monthly basis.

The past month I found at a ridiculous low price two beauty items I desperately needed:  a slanted tweezer that could grab even the tiniest bits of hair and a brow brush/lash comb (don’t know where I lost my last one).


Ta-da! Here they are. Believe it or not, the tweezers cost me $1.5 and the brow brush/lash comb $1. Amazing? I’d say so. Of course, I didn’t buy it from a well-known retailer but a beautystore I had nearby. They were the perfect choice – precise and efficient, without having to buy a whole set of brushes.

Moving on. Second best bargain last month – a pair of green sunglasses with animal print handles. Since I wear 99.9% of the time normal eyeglasses I knew I wouldn’t be wearing them a lot this summer, so for an emergency blazing-sun-in-my-face situation, a basic pair would do.



These are from Sinsay, a Polish brand that opened two stores (to my knowledge) here. I will tell you for breezy, colorful, sporty items this is the place to go. The sunglasses were about $3 – easily the best price/quality item I bought in June.



Cool, right? Of course, I couldn’t leave the store with just that. And now, we truly reach the best part of my bargain spree: summer t-shirts.

I have a lot of t-shirts, from graphic tees, to colorblock ones, to striped ones. But I didn’t have a simple white t-shirt. I wanted something that would look good on me, was all fine cotton and would resist well in the washing machine. And also, to look a liittle bit different. I know, it sounds difficult right? But this is what I finally bought:



Guess the price! Believe it or not, I payed just $4! Because it was way more cheap than I could have imagined, I picked a second one, in blue, with a slightly sexier message:



Nice, huh? Before you ask, YES, I did get a lot of questions the next day 😛 Same price as the first.

My June round-up ends with a beautiful note from… Sephora, this time. I received some travel-sized beauty gifts from them – one for my birthday, the second one in a promotion they held only for Sephora card owners.

I’m talking about a lipgloss baguette and a 3 eye shadow palette for summer. The colors really stay on the eyelid and the gloss isn’t so thick and sticky like other similar products on the market:


They go everywhere with me, like my smartphone – in my backpack, tote bag, envelope purse or clutch. These were technically free but sort of bargains – if it weren’t for my visit to the store to buy something else, I would have totally missed their offer.

Tell me if you liked this post and share with me your new discoveries in treasures in matters of fashion&beauty!

Until next timeeeee!


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