Running Newbie: DOs and DON’Ts when you’re just starting

Thursday, I put on my running shoes. I had worn them only one time before, after the purchase (thy’re from Reebok, picture below). Of course, I fell in love with the confortable soles, after wearing heels and gladiator sandals. But while I was stubbornly promising myself (for weeks) that I’d be going for a run the following day, I just couldn’t keep my word. I woke up so sleepy and exhausted, it felt like a truck had run me over instead.

As I discovered this week, it was only a matter of will to jump right back on the wagon. Thursday, I put a reminder for 7.30 pm, I go dressed, grabbed my phone, keys and some money (in case of anything) and went out:

poza run

What went wrong / DON’ts

  1. I wasn’t expecting the heat. I thought that around 8 pm the city would chill out, spray some cool thermal water and offer some sort of sun escape. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have dressed in full length workout pants, opting instead for shorts. Any pair sold in a sport department store would have done the job.
  2. I ran in a park. Usually, it’s the best option in the world – fresh air, trees, birds chirping, landscape changing. But it wasn’t Central Park. Even though I was about to get lost in it, there were more people there than in a mall. I kept avoiding strollers and kids on rollerblades, only to bump in other runners or bikers. Horror. As soon as I was getting in a rhytm, I had to stop.
  3. I didn’t have anywhere to put my phone. Since I wasn’t a veteran runner, I didn’t have any special belt or hidden pocket to squeeze it away. So I just held it all the way through the “finish line”, about 30 minutes or so. Of course, while I was walking back home, my arm felt numb.
  4. I didn’t warm up. I just walked a bit and started running. The song I was listening too was still playing when I stopped, gasping for air.
  5. I didn’t keep track of the running distance. I thought the iPhone Health App was smart enough to show me clearly how much I had run. I was wrong, yet again. It shows the steps I’ve taken the entire day, not just from the moment I was running and it’s useless to try out and find details.
  6. I didn’t know my surroundings. I’ve recently moved near this park, so I had been once or twice here. Since it’s pretty huge, I didn’t have a clear ending point. I just thought I’d run a complete circle. But when you don’t know how big is that circle, you tend to pause often and look for clues. Didn’t help my running progress.
  7. Last but not least, I didn’t wear prescription glasses. It’s not a mistake per say, but it was very difficult for me to see anything. I felt like I was moving in a bokeh world. That just irritated and disoriented me.

How to do better/ Dos

  1. If you don’t want men harassing you in the park (as it might happen), choose a pair of capri leggings in a grey hue or a graphic print. If you don’t care about what people say, just make a sane choice in summer – a pair of reversible athletic shorts

  2. Don’t bother with parks, if you have the means go to a running track. I have one near me and the first time I ran, I ran much more, in a smaller amount of time. runner-811877_1280
  3. Choose a belt for your phone, never keep it in hand. Even itf it’s slim and doesn’t weigh much, it will slow you down. phone belt running
  4. Never assume the granola bar you ate before leaving the house will give you Thor-like strength. If you’re muscles are not used to this kind of effort you have to prepare them , so always warm up.
  5. Download a special app for running. App Store offers dozens and one friend recommended Run Keeper. I’ll tell you next time how it went out.

  6. Go for a walk one day before starting running in a new place. Get familiar with the place, be honest with yourself and set clear starting/ending points.
  7. Either wear contact lenses or adjust your eyes without glasses some hours before going for a run. You’ll avoid feeling dizzy.

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