What’s the deal with… Bubble Nails?

Instagram is filled with bubble nail art, a recent technique that some women want to push in the glossy magazines as “trendy”.


Called also hump nails, these are achieved by building up acrylic paint in the center of the nail and thinning it out toward the edges. The effect is a marble ball one, more cartoonish than feminine, of course. Now that we’re all on the same page, let me ask if you would ever try this, considering:

  • the build-up of acrylic paint in one spot can only hurt the nailbed; an excess of artificial substances will always do harm to our bodies
  • a big amount of paint on the nails is ten times more difficult to remove than, say, glitter; and glitter polish is a headache, I think we can agree on that
  • your mother would look in horror at them while your (potential) boyfriend would literally run away or never touch your hands; they’re worse than pointy nails, at least those were a bit edgy. These look like ogre fingers
  • you will defintely hurt yourself at some point or/and ruin your tights; Those hooks are made for fishing, that is what they’ll do…
  • they’re ugly and the whole world knows it; bubble nails are nowhere to be found on Pinterest, place of all things beautiful and dreamy. Need I say more?




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