Walking Dead-ly

I’m a creature of comfort. And practical life tips. That’s why most of my wardrobe has basic pieces in black & white, with the occasional trendy/eccentric item, in colorblock or with graphic patterns. What can I say – I’d love to be on high heels 24/7 but my lifestyle is not a big supporter of that.
Given all that, I understand people who have 5-10 shopper bags vs 1 or 2 clutches, women who decide to drop the chic handbag for a carry-my-laptop-and-10-other-things backpack.
But what I don’t understand is trying to be 3 people in 1. Like this lady in the subway:

Mini black dress, pink leather handbag with flounce, distressed, barely-there sandals aaand on top of it all, a Converse backpack. Why the need of that attention-grabbing bag? Something black would have sufficed and clearly would not have drawn attention.
Also, the pink hue is very feminine while the rest of the outfit is sporty-boho…? I don’t know where to place these wedges.


The material was falling to the floor, beneath my eyes. The knit wedge was disintegrating like in a movie zombie scene.
Awful shoes, bad choice of bag…
Everybody has rough mornings, but don’t do this. When you’re in a hurry and have nothing to wear, just choose a backpack (and a backpack only ) and sneakers. It’s enough.

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