8 fashion lessons I learned this summer

This summer,  I literally absorbed everything my eyes could see – the colors, textures, shapes. And when I thought there was some moodboard potential, I quickly grabbed my camera and shoot away. These are just come of the conclusions, let’s say lessons, I came back with from my summer trip to Santorini:

1. Be it summer or fall, always bring a hat with you. It will a) protect you from the scorching sun and/or b) give your look that extra oomph.


2. Never disconsider a bag – it matters. In my case, a cactus-printed beach bag put a smile on my face every time I went to the beach. Instead of hiding it away, under the lounger, I proudly put it on display.

beach tote

I also found a pretty linen tote to carry arround essentials.

toi and moi

3. Floral jeans can be a hit – when used as home decor.

4. Never rely just on basics and monochrome outfits. Funny prints will always remind you to never let go of your childish side.

ninja turtle

4. Don’t give up on pink. The right shade will make you look feminine and sweet even at the end of a horrible day.

pink panthers

5. Blue and white are a refreshing, electric combination. Also, it’s perfect for my favorite seasons – winter and summer.


6. Postal codes don’t dictate style. Just because you’re headed to a faraway island or to a countryside mansion with friends, you shouldn’t put on the first thing you grab. Let go, be relaxed, but never forget your red lipstick/bronzer, mascara and dainty jewellery at home.


7.  Always pack  with your destination in mind. In the city, keep it classy and urban, while on the boat, try loose shorts, white shirts, even sailor hats. If you’re scuba diving… invest in a pretty suit (not my case below – first time diving)


mara scuba

8. Pick up the local vibe. Watch how the locals dress, what clothes they sell, what accessories they don and even keep an eye on the past. You never know where your fall inspiration might come from 😉


Blast from the past - Koutsoyannopoulos museum

Blast from the past – Koutsoyannopoulos museum

woman museum

Greek woman working to achieve the perfect Vinsanto

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