What’s the deal with… wrap-around shoes?

As Louboutin, Blahnik and McQueen wave proudly the stindard for shoes with 8 inch heels, Japanese designers discover new ways of making strutting, passing by or running comfortable and easy.
Masaya Hashimoto brought onto the streets the shoe that wraps around your foot, made up from a cloth used by a Japanese company, Furoshiki, for transporting goods. It’s stretchy, light and eliminates the need for shoelaces.

wrap around shoes fashion grinch2

But can you really give up aestethetics for comfort?

I mean, no offense, but this looks like a band-aid overdose. In the same time, it kinda reminds me of the webs Spiderman could make up in a minute to bounce from a building to another… You’re suffocating your foot either way.

wrap around shoes fashion grinch3

I’d put it in the pointe shoes ballerinas wear category – something you might try in a gym, but no where near the street. What would you pair it with, if not sportswear?!
Clearly, what you wear in Japan, stays in Japan. These people have the strangest street fashions, inspired by different eras and pop culture.
If you’re not familiar with Kogal, Decora and Rockabilly but you do know Lolita and respect Japanese’ inventivity, excentricity and overall courage, check this video out:

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