Fall picks: Top 20 outfits from Zara, New Look, Stradivarius and H&M

The days aren’t particularly colder and the sun is still smirking at us, keeping our tans in check, but hey, it’s September! The official beginning of fall and the month that fashionable people everywhere expect with pounding hearts.

Now’s the season to be jolly, because designers are getting their collections done and presenting them at Fashion Weeks around the world but also … now you can invest in several key pieces that will make you catwalk-flawless.

Who can say no to a Chloe, Stella McCartney or Alexander Wang? Balenciaga, Dior or Valentino? Nobody of course, but for the limited budget some of us have (cough,cough, I blame it on the summer getaway), retailers will have to do. Don’t worry, there are still plenty of chic options in their stores, too.

From tailored suits in plaids, to flared pants, fur coats and vests and… I’ll let you see more in my favorite pics from 4 of my go-to shops – Zara, Stradivarius, H&M and New Look.

1. H&M 


So, if you’ll head over to H&M (store or site) , you’ll see a bunch of new products, in fall colors, raging from skirt to tops to dresses and yes, suits.

If you want to make an investment, not just a moment’s impulsive buy, look for luxury materials, like silk, that will make you feel elegant and chic. Look for a casual jumpsuit, with a masculine touch, a burgundy suit with flared pants or a purple dress (the color of aristocracy) with small straps, transparencies and V necklines and stripes, that will elongate your figure.

2minimal tailoredhm

If you’re into fashion, of course you’ve heard turtlenecks are a big yes-yes of the season. Pair a simple, black one, with an oversized tailored coat in navy and you’ll be the envy of your cosmopolitan friends. Balance feminine with elegance and you have a perfect ensemble – crop top & mini skirt with scalopped edges. Finally, take the green in military attire and make it your own cozying up in a lyocell trenchcoat. 


2. New Look


This fall, New Look is all about fringes. If you’re a bit in love with that Western look (in the fall, at least), you’ll want to check out the outfits there. You have your suede poncho in a chocolate shade, paired up with distressed jeans and a crop top that’s a nod to Missoni. If that’s a bit too country for you, opt for smaller fringes with a boho look in a white t-shirt and jacqard mini skirt. Great for brunch!

3cuts waves new look

Theeen… you have your interesting cuts. I’d buy in a second this waterfall gilet <3 It’s beautiful and the great shape makes a statement on its own. You have to let it shine so pair it with neutrals or an animal print in similar tone.

On the other hand, you have your denim top in A with unfinished edges. This is a relaxed look you can pull off anywhere – from office, with a skirt, to drinks in town, with leather pants. It’s comfy, simple, but can give the badass vibe you crave for, accesorized correctly.


3. Stradivarius

5fall2 stradiv

The silk that I found in abundance in H&M is replaced be here by an equally or even more rich-looking material – velvet. Now, velvet might seem a blast from the past, something you’ve last seen in your grandmother’s closet, but shake away those memories.

Stradivarius’ proposal can make a rockstar from you! A burgundy velvet blazer, paired with a ripped t-shirt and boyfriend jeans is the perfect mix for a cool, “I-play-in-a-band” vibe. A velvet dress, that hugs at the right places, can even be a choice for an elegant, romantic dinner.

See the fur vest? Don’t ignore it this fall. I, one, am not a fur-lover and you’ll never see me in a floor-length coat. But I would pick a vest in gradient shades for a special ocassion or a fur stole in an electric color.

Pssst! Notice the fringed slip-ons? Find them in the pic and make sure you have one pair this fall!

6fall stradivarius

On the more casual side of fashion, you can find at Stradivarius essentials with a spin.

Take for example the denim dress – beautiful color, relaxed shape, gives the ilussion of an oversized shirt. Then you have the velvet kimono with fringes, a superitem of the season, comprising 3 trends in one. 

My favorite piece? The 2-faced cape. A shape I haven’t worn in ages, is now available with an animal print lining. I’m sold! (Oh, don’t forget the hat – it’s central to this look; also, I looove hats!)


4. Zara 

7crispflared office

Zara has a structured collection this fall. You can easily shop there if you’re searching a special trend or you’re buying for a specific wardrobe.

For example, if you’re looking for office clothes, look no more – you’ll find here tailored pieces, appropriate for a desk job. Sounds boring? Just look above. There’s nothing boring about flared, high-waist trousers and plaid capes. You’ll be the envy of the office.

My personal favorite? The turtleneck-meets-blazer-meets-bow look. It’s easy to pull off and can bring out your feminine side without undermining your job position.


I’m going through the Gilmore phase. Don’t tell me you’re surprised I’m watching this series again – it’s fall and I’m sure I’m not the only one who associated these two. So, when I saw this red suede dress and lacquered ankle boots, one name came to mind Lorelai Gilmore. Isn’t this outfit something she’d totally wear with a floral scarf or a denim jacket?! I’d say channel your inner Lorelai this fall, from head to toe.

On the other hand, if that seems too corny for you, go in the opposite direction with a Goth-inspired outfit – velvet midi dress with a baroque print. The above one hits all the right notes – velvet, midi, baroque, turtleneck, black = 5 trends in 1 outfit?!


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