Even Queen Bees make mistakes…

Is Beyonce indestructable? After music awards upon music awards, awesome concerts, numerous articles from media titans praising her performances, can she do anything wrong? Is she the Wonder Woman of this millenium?
I would have been tempted to say, well, she is perfect… until I payed more attention to her recent fashion choices. That’s how I noticed her tendency to wear only mermaid dresses with lots of transparencies on the red carpet, while on stage she can’t seem to say goodbye to hot pants or bodysuits. A bit repetitive and boring to my taste.
Some of you will say I’m biased, that she simply sticks with things whicht accentuate those curves. Or you’ll tell me celebrities need to take risks and show their skin, especially in the music industry.
But what about her regular clothes, you know the ones she wears when “no one’s watching”?
If you check Instagram, you’ll see sweatshirts and plenty of denim. Cool, right? I don’t know about that. Above, she’s sporting a pair of distressed shorts, ripped at all the wrong places. Curly threads at the crotch, extending in painful webs. What’s that all about?!
This isn’t better either:


A vintage-looking denim romper that doesn’t do anything for her sillhouette. That awkward cutout is completely out of place and the high-waist looks better on slender figures.

denim shorts shirt blazer   high waist denim shorts lace top

Right? Hearing the crown fall? 🙂
photos: Instagram, stylecaster.com, pinterest.com

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