How to NEVER wear a bra

You’d think that after all the “bra hacks you need to know” articles, women would be ninjas when it came to underwear.

Well, this girl isn’t one of them.

Neon bras, VS’ specially cut-out bras and other items that are meant to take a peek at the world from underneath a loose chemise or even be slightly seen through a light t-shirt, are one thing. Another thing is to take your classic, white as chalk bra and display it proudly to the world when you’re wearing… BLACK. Pitch black.

What in the world is fashionable here?! A cut-out back shirt/dress requires either a stealth bra, one that closes lower, where no one can see it, self-adhesive silicone bra cups or even nude pasties – hell, everything is better than this!

Let’s say you have neither of those – choose something colored and thinner at the back. That’s not an option? Okay, grab your black bra – at least people will thank you for the effort.

But this, the image above? That’s just sloppy and cheap. Show those items, paired like that, to potential customers and they’ll never buy  a white bra or lacy blouse again.

I hope she doesn’t work in Communications….

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