Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s got the ugliest pants of them all?

Have you heard that “you shouldn’t look in the mirror so much because you’re perfect just as you are”? No doubt, everyone should focus on their inner beauty first, but mirrors can be instruments of truth. A mirror can reveal the amount of self confidence you have and, if you’re in the right state of mind, even increase your self-esteem.
Beside being an introspection tool, a mirror is a practical way of finding out if you’ve slept well lately (dark circles, be gone!), if you’re helpless with red lipstick and can even save your life at the last minute – “crap, you have ketchup on your interview shirt”. I mean, a mirror is a real life-saver!
That’s why I don’t understand why the woman above left the house before taking a good, hard look at herself.

I mean, those pink polyester harem pants are one of the ugliest pairs I’ve ever seen! It’s like Jasmine took a dive in Barbie’s world and ended up in the bad side of the neighbourhood.
They’re supposed to be a summer version, I guess, especially since they’re paired with a white tee and some unfitted sandals of sorts. Unfortunately, I can’t say anything good about this outfit – it doesn’t go well with her body shape, it’s not remotely stylish, badly accessorized…
Better luck next time 😉

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