What’s the deal with… Scarf Bar?

Remember all those delicious cocktails you sipped all summer at the bar? Personalized drinks, made just for you. You felt special, pampered and for a couple of moments life was. just. the. way. it. was. meant. to .be.
A scarf can make you feel the same way. Warm, smooth, oversized, statement, colored or neutral, this fall the scarf becomes your number 1 accessory. And with it, comes the hunt for the perfect one. Save some running around town and take your place in line at the Scarf Bar. If you’ve heard about it but aren’t sure what to expect, let me save you some Googling – it’s NOT a pop-up store, an ad campaign or a Kickstarter project.
Nope, it’s actually the best surprise Burberry could give us:

If you’re looking for a cashmere scarf that screams YOU, just go in one of the stores or check-in online to customize one. You can select 1 of 30 available patterns and shades and 30 colors of thread for your initials

Colours, checks, patterns and prints. The @Burberry Scarf Bar

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This way, even if you can’t wear a personalized poncho like SJP, Olivia Palermo or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley did last fall, you can at least send a powerful message – you feel pretty great just with yourself 😀
photosource: Burberry Instagram

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