Seeing Red, Getting Blind With Rita Ora

Something tells me Chris De Burgh had a whole different conception of the Lady In Red… Clearly he wasn’t talking of a woman trapped and squeezed in red leather and silk from head to toe.
I imagine his Lady in Red was of a rare sophistication, the kind that takes your breath away and is inimitable. Chris’s lady must have had her dark hair raised in a classic bun, strands of hair escaping mischievously and touching her cheeks. Her silk dress would have touched the floor, giving the impression that she’s floating, and her body would have been draped in fine silk revealing her back.
It wouldn’t have been anything like this:


I’m not saying that Rita Ora should have been the Lady in Red – classy and sophisticated. No, she doesn’t have to pretend to be someone she’s not. But if red is your color of choice, why overdo it? A powerful color like this one, that expresses strength, passion, energy, shouldn’t be used from head to toe.
One item is enough to make a statement and draw our looks in that direction. The jacket/blouse/shorts would have been more than sufficient, even if paired with those strappy sandals. But this look is just painful to watch –  I’m surprised she can breathe in that tight top :)))
 Can you imagine Rita Ora in a bullfighting ring?
photo> Instagram

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