The Effect of Sitting Too Much At Your Desk: #flatbum

I have a big bum – always have, always will. It’s a legacy I have to thank my mom for. Naturally, I love wearing skinny jeans or hip-hugging dresses, but I’ll always refuse, until the day I die, to try on bell-shaped or folded mini skirts. In the latter case, at the first gust of wind, I’d be showing more than I want to complete, innocent strangers.
So, while some think I’m fortunate, I know my struggles. I also know it’s a pain in the ass to have a lean column type of body (narrow shoulders, small bust, narrow hips, flat bottom).
It’s great for runway models, but not so great when you’re a regular person, just minding your own business, maybe buying a bus ticket, like this lady. I was considering giving her a break, because you can’t change what Nature gave you. And you shouldn’t. But it was a good opportunity to talk with you about how to dress when you have this body shape.
Surely, not a mini dress, that ends right under your bottom. Not a stretchy one, of course, that only shows the lack of booty. It’s not inspired and not something I would do for my chest area (I’m in between shapes – a bit inverted triangle, with an athletic look).
What should you do?

Work that bum! First thing first, commit to exercises that will tone and strengthenyour glutes (NO sitting at the desk all day!). Then, get some outfit inspiration; start with classic jeans with back POCKETS, skirts with HORIZONTAL STRIPES and classic, lace or embroidered dresses with plenty of VOLUME 
Remember – prints, textures and embellishments add volume. How do you dress for your body shape?
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