What’s the deal with Frongs and Thighbrows?

Noah Webster is probably turning in his grave right now.
Why? Because there’s not a day when we don’t come up with a new word to define trends and silly concepts. We’re too lazy to spell it out in 3 or 4 terms, so we just blend them until we make a crossword smoothie that the Queen would be envious of.
This time around, we have two new neighbours in Dictionary town – frong and thighbrows.
If at this point you’re reading with furrowed brows, then, Thank God, I’m not the last one to hear of these trends. Thighbrows are, apparently, the creases made by your thighs when you lean over or jump with your knees up. In celebrities’ case, it’s when they pose in front of the pool.


Because, over the night, this thing became sexy, there had to be a clothing item to put it on display – the frong (a frontal thong). Basically, it’s the swimming suit Pamela Anderson wore in Baywatch, with extreme cutouts.
This summer, it became ubiquitous – J.Lo, Beyonce, Kylie Jenner and of course, Miley Cyrus wore it everywhere they went. Now, celebrities prove it can become a basic – you can wear a body in this shape to the gym or a… I’m out of ideas.
To be honest, I would never wear it – not at a photo shoot, nor at the pool – I find it silly and uncomfortable.
So, tell me – am I too stiff and judgmental when it comes to frongs or are you a no-frong type of person, too?
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