Best Bargains: August

Can I tell you a secret – I’m ready for fall! Not just because I’ve been eyeing the latest collections online or in stores, or because I know Pumpkin Spice Latte will finally welcome me at Starbucks. Nope – I feel fashionably ready for this season because I’ve scored great bargains the past month. August was all about taking advantage of final SALES everywhere.
Usually, I’m not the type of person who awaits eagerly for SALES. So, T gave me the much-needed nudge to check out Stradivarius. I wasn’t one of their regular clients before, purchasing only now and then, statement necklaces or wallets. But this time, ooooh, this time, they’ve made sure I left the store with a smile on my face.
In a couple of words, my friends, I’ve scored the best bargain yet – in August, I bought 6 items of clothing from Stradivarius with just 40 euros/47 dollars. To make things BETTER, I added to my #bestbargainsaugust collection a brow kit and a conditioner. Their cost? 7.5 euros/$8.6, both!
1. Camel suede skirt


By far, my best purchase was a mini camel suede skirt, that takes the color of cognac in the afternoon sunlight. It’s so soft to the touch, you won’t believe it! Even more incredible was its price – just 9 euros/$10.5.

stradfusta3 stradfusta2

I can’t wait to wear it with my high, dark green leather boots or my olive pumps.


2. A red blood, “Deja Vu” sweatshirt


I normally avoid sweatshirts, because they remind me of an age where I used to dress extremely sporty, just like a boy – hoodies, sweatshirts, sneakers and sweat pants. But this piece caught my attention: 1. its color – I couldn’t resist a bold red; 2. the print – believe me or not, I’ve had a summer full of deja vus.


How much? Just 6.8 euros/$7,8.  A great bargain, huh? It will look great with a plaid shirt – cueing the whole collegiate look.
3. Pale blue, cozy sweater


If there’s a reason I can’t wait to see a drop in the thermometer, this is it: knitwear. Lots of it. (And also hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, late night reading with a fluffy blanket on)
This cozy sweater, in a beautiful baby blue shade, with slits on the sides, is a dream come true aaaand a trendy piece for fall (invest in pastels this season, you won’t regret it).


How much? About 6.8 euros/$7,8 too.
4&5. Printed, soft tees with 3/4 sleeves

bluza summer

While I was concentrating on finding transitional pieces, I realised I had summer t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, sweaters and vests, but no tees with 3/4 sleeves.
They’re transition itself, so I bought two, at 4.5 euros/$5.2, each. I couldn’t stop but smile when I saw the above one’s print – it was ironically true – I was missing summer as you miss vacation after you’ve just ended a 2 week exotic trip.


bluza summer 3

The second one spoke to me, too:


This is the kind of mantra you have to keep telling yourself each morning, for the rest of your life. You can never discover enough, believe me 😉
6&7. W7 brow parlour and Tresemme Satin Silk Conditioner


When I was shooting this post, I remembered that I was about to leave out two of the products that I’ve constantly used since buying them.
One is an eyebrow grooming kit that made my morning routine 10 times easier and the other one is a fabulous conditioner that detangles my wavy hair and gives that extra shine I need.


You can see the kit has been thoroughly used and though the lighter shade of brown has a reddish hue that’s not completely natural to my dark brows, I’m super happy with the purchase. The brow wax has saved my life, the darker shadow gives me definition and that pearly white is exactly what I need to lighten the area.
Here, in detail:


So, the brow kit was $5.6 dollars and the conditioner, only $3.4!! You can find them here at Hello Free Z OneDiscount.
PS – Oh, if the numbers don’t add up, that’s because I bought also a pair of light blue jeans on my shopping spree at Stradivarius. Forgot to take pictures of it, but will surely come up in future posts!
So, give me all the dish – what did you buy at unbelievable prices recently?

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