Ikea’s got nothing on HER!

Everytime I visit IKEA, regardless of how many hours I’ve spent searching their site and making a neatly shopping list, I’ll get distracted.
“Uuuu! See that? Colored adhesive buttons – they’d look perfect in the bathroom” or “See that vase? Yes, it’s big, grey and rusty and it might not belong NOW in our green livingroom but have you seen anything cooler??”. Yep, this is how I torture T.
It’s hard to stay focused, because your eyes are scouring for the next cute, must-have thing. But even with all its glory and awesomeness, IKEA couldn’t match this!
I nearly chased the girl above for a picture, forgetting all about coffee tables, glasses, towels and napkins. She beat IKEA at its own game.

Neon green sneakers, made from neopren with an explosive, colorful print, twice the size of her feet? Wow!  It’s been some time since I’ve seen someone getting it wrong, on purpose.
This is such a wacky pair of shoes that I can’t decide if I hate it or not. I’ll give her points for trying and going with her gut, one thing many celebrities rarely do nowadays, though it’s decidedly ugly and not at all stylish. It’s something Japanese girls would definitely wear.
I’m torn – what do you say? Keep or burn?

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