Lace-up dress when you’re pregnant? I don’t think so…

Dressing a baby-bump isn’t easy, as they say.  You’re all of a sudden forced to buy clothes from special stores or ask for huge sizes if you’re keen on keeping your shopping routine.
Although… some celebrities rise above all this (money helps, undoubtedly), wearing stylish combinations – Blake Lively is one of them. The Duchess of Cambridge is already renowned for her fashion choices during pregnancy. Sienna Miller and Jessica Biel are also winners at this chapter.
But Kim Kardashian? Nope. No. Not in a million years. Not in lace-up dresses.

[getty src=”488291254?et=OqGQT0GeSSpgA689ASy_ZQ&viewMoreLink=on&sig=IYgx-JJLBew-4zFK6ZltVDwQzsArhBAVHKC9z_i3NTI=&caption=true” width=”475″ height=”594″]

I’m just shaking my head now. I’m not against showing your baby belly at the beach, at a barbecue with friends, or through a slightly see-through peasant blouse (if you need to make a statement). But in this outfit, Kim makes the impossible, possible – she reveals something extremely intimate, while being all covered – from head to toe.
Kanye, I know this is your work, but take it down a notch. The poor woman breathes only through her toes and fingers (except for the chest and belly)… Thigh-high leather boots, oversized coat, long-sleeved dress – it’s too much black and too much material.
While paparazzi need something to eat, too, I hope you’ll tell her to stop showing the never-shy-to-the-camera cleavage and never add a pregnant belly in the mix.
Classy laces, right? Somehow it reminds of Vivian Ward, pre-Edward. I don’t know why…

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