What’s the deal with Mock Necks?

You know the 90s are having a big return, right? Right. So, why don’t bring back all of the trends that we’ve learnt to mock (pun intended) all these years?
Like mock necks. I don’t know how they were called back in the days when I wore them to school, barely swallowing lunch, but now they’ve got a name. I present you the fake, lower turtleneck that used to irritate us one decade ago. It’s back.
If you spend time Googling it, you’ll find cotton t-shirts and horrible blouses with that at-the-base-of-the-neck design. Avoid these:

what's the deal with fashiongrinch.comwhat's the deal with fashiongrinch.com

Thankfully, you can find stylish versions like this Free People one here, in teak.

Free People Modern Mock Neck

If you look closely, this one has an unfinished trim and it’s made from a lightweight material that allows it to “overflow” – yes, ti’s cool. They’ve found a way 🙂
Does this mean I’ll be chasing mock necks instead of turtlenecks like a true fashion hero? Probably not – would you?

photo: freepeople.com, sportobin.com, boscovs.com

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