The ultimate BUS bag

Some women have a thing for shoes, I have one for… bags.
I can barely resist buying a gorgeous doctor bag made from smooth,  black leather, a neon clutch or a delicate, silver frame bag with tiny precious stones.
I’m sort of addicted to totes and shoppers (I switch them up daily, you can put everything i nthere!) and I’ve just bought a peach-toned satchel for this indian summer (you’ll see it soon, in my first #outfit post!! yeey!).
So, understand my horror when I saw this specimen riding the bus. It actually matched the orange-painted steel support bars! The same striking color was providing a laquer cover for this lady’s essentials.
That’s not all. It had a black faux leather back and the sides were made from a sort of fake suede in kaki with, of course,  yellow stitches!!!
Whaaaa?? I know. It took me some seconds to recover and actually take a picture of it. Why would you pay for such a bag? I’m not saying you should save 12 months to buy a designer piece but you certainly can get a simple, black hobo bag or messenger bag with the same money.  Classic, minimalistic items are a safe bet, regardless of your fashion tastes.
Sometimes, I wish I could read minds like Parkman from “Heroes”… it would make my job so much easier if I could just find out what’s going through their heads when they go shopping.

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