Urban Jungle: How to NEVER mix & match prints

There’s an unspoken truth in fashion – the better you mix and match clothes (high and low brands, different textures, prints, materials, etc), the more experienced and respected you become in the field.
It’s no wonder magazines try to show us different ways to put outfits together in every edition – this way, they can display their imagination and skill and also bring out our own set of abilities. But when you’re just mimicking, not understanding and adapting, disaster happens.
The girl above tried to do exactly what she read – mix and match. So, like following a recipe without second-guessing any of the instructions, she chose 3 completely different prints and wore them together.
Who could have told her it wasn’t a good match at all? The Mirror? I guess she silenced that one years ago :)))
Floral tee + geometrical tights + military sport shoes = CLASHING all the way!
My advice? Small steps.

Start with 1 print and keep the rest of the outfit b&w or at least monochrome.
Once you’re confortable with this mix, take it further –  choose a second print, that can continue the stylistic story. For example – combine a dressy striped shirt in black and white with a pair of simple white jeans with black dots. The same colors, different prints. 
Third stage – combine vertical stripes with horizontal stripes (no matter the color), big florals with smaller ones, you get the idea.
Avoid choosing 3 different prints for a while, until you’ve experimented enough.

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