What’s the deal with Chanel slingbacks?

It’s curious how only in the last year old, classic things, have gained an all-new, breaking news status. Just this season, flared jeans made a comeback and are now advertised as the It-Jeans of this year’s finish line, even though they can only brag with flare dimension (getting larger) – the rest is the same.
No wonder Chanel devotees walk in the “new slingbacks”, knowing they’re keeping their principles intact. Nothing is quite new in the shoe department, though fashionistas everywhere are just now adoring the slingbacks.
The ringard, as Parisians call it, is the two-toned capped-toe slingback leather shoe Coco Chanel herself wore decades ago.
So, why the hype now?

Well, it was the star of the fall 2015 collection presented by Karl Lagerfeld under the form of a Brasserie, with young models strutting in these low-heels as if they wore nothing. The message was clear – this is an elegant shoe, a classic shoe, the sort that goes with anything and everything and is soooo confortable, that puts a smile on your face.

Simply put, these shoes are slowly replacing flats in popularity since they can be worn daily, with jeans, tailored suits or formal dresses without having to sacrifice your feet.
But are they enough to make a hole in your budget? Tell me in your comments, below!

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