Rolled down stockings

I’ve always been a fierce defender of high heel shoes on bare feet. Mainly because I hate pantyhose. They’re slippery and I always feel like I have to pull them up, even though I don’t, of course, it would be so unlady-like. And weird. Mainly embarassing, though.
Buuuut I do appreciate women who can deal with them and look flawless in nude pantyhose. With pumps, they’re the perfect match. With peep toe shoes, however, they’re like water and oil. Remember this story, right?

Given all that, this lady on the subway lost points from the start. The awful story doesn’t end here, unfortunately. I was completely taken aback by the stockings.
Knee high stocking rolled down for some reason. No, it wasn’t warm. I don’t think any thread got lose. They defied logic and didn’t meet their goal – to cover the calves.
Before you ask me, while I was breaking theories one by one, like in a detective story, she was reading a book of her own. It was so captivating, that she completely ignored my 5 minute stare.
So, indulge me – what do you think of this Marple case? Why did she roll down her stockings?

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