What’s The Deal With Furry Backpacks

As much as it might annoy PETA, fur is back. On the runways, in the streets, at home as comfy rugs. There’s no denying it.
I remember my first fur coat – it was black and white and I was the typical child who felt like Cruella DeVil in it. My mom loved it – she fancied the idea of having a girl that was elegant and classy as her, regardless of the fact that kids my age sported super colorful winter jackets. After a while, she took the hint and left me to my age-appropriate wardrobe.
But even now I can’t wear fur. It gives a sort of luxury feel I can’t embrace since it’s not, well, me.
A backpack, however… could I make the compromise? One fashion editor was sold on the shearling one above, in fall’s colors, and while I admit that everything burgundy, copper and brown has my attention these days, I find it still odd. I can’t warm up to the idea of having this in my closet (truth is, it’s creeping me out – reminds me of fluffy dogs and sheep).
I tried to weigh my options and looked around only to find these:

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While the first one can be successfuly replaced by a teddy bear (same size and fluffiness), the second one toned it down with leather. Ah, leatheer! The classic, dependable, sturdy, quality material I absolutely love. I felt slightly better but not entirely….
That was it – one more trend I couldn’t get behind. One fashionable item I would never bring home. I don’t regret it for a bit! In these moments, authenticity and personal style has to triumph peer pressure and runway trends, don’t you agree?
What’s your policy when it comes to trends – do you follow them or not? Are you up for everything once or have sure style criteria you never cross?
photos: Pinterest, Loeffler Randall

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