What’s The Deal With Trendy Wrinkled Clothes

As a little girl, I dreamed about living like Carrie Bradshaw, in the Big Apple, writing away at my laptop for some famous magazine or newspaper. While the dream came to life somewhat, I’m still behind with the whole New York-relocation. The city has always appealed to me (on so many levels- pace, culture, landscape, etc), but I never thought designers would, too.
Considering the latest Fashion Week though, I think we’ll become buddies pretty soon. After all, we’re seeing life in the same texture – wrinkly. If you haven’t heard, their prognosis for Spring 2016 is bright and wrinkly. Looks at Thakoon, Altuzarra and Victoria Beckham included chic creases that provide a nice change of rhythm to the otherwise impeccable tailored clothes.

Finally, my wish to go unnoticed in wrinkly tees and tops will no longer be a wish :)) And I’ll have the perfect comeback for my dad next time he decides to lecture me on the importance of being… IRONED.
Of course, clothes made out of silk or linen will embrace this trend fully. Cotton, not so much, but hey you can always try making the “overslept” look the next IT thing. The idea is to look clean and neat without trying too hard, almost like you woke up like that.
What do you think – will this trend catch on or not? What would you do with all the free time (not ironing) on your hands?
photo: Instagram.com/Altuzarra

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