I’m A Cappuccino. Does Your Style Match Your Coffee?

If you’re anything like me, then you spend an insane amount of time jumping from one Internet quizz to another, believing in none, yet always agreeing with the end result (“Oh, yeah, that’s totally me!”). Also, if we’re a bit alike,  you also have folders upon folders of infographics that you find so pretty and insightful you’d almost love to make scrapbooks out of them.
On the other hand, if you’re just using the Internet for work and networking… then you won’t understand my excitement. I just stumbled upon this article today, on International Coffee Day. Cool infographics, that always concentrate on your good side, describing you as an individual after the coffee you prefer most.
Cappuccino, every time you get the chance? Your mouth never shuts, always excited to discuss everything and anything, drawing in the baristas, super creative and a homebody who feels totally comfy in a coffee shop (Totally me!).


What’s your style like?

Pretty classic, you love tailored clothes, neutrals and luxury materials. You’re probably a big fan of suede, cashmere, fur and leather.

(If you’re more into Americano, Espresso or Lattes, go here and read about you!)

Plain black coffee? For you, minimalism is the word of the day. You’re a practical woman, who knows the value of her time and thus keeps her wardrobe organized and color coordinated – greys, browns, black and white.


Latte lovers are creative and chic, living in knitwear and denim. They’re relaxed and take life with ease, working from coffee shops and always taking pictures for their Instagram account.

What's your go-to coffee order? Comment below. #coffeenclothes #☕️👕 @melotones

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Espresso type of girl – clearly, you’re not afraid to go on the rough side of life. You’re a born leader, ambitious and constantly striving to be better. A bit of a perfectionist, you love to dress like in magazines or at Fashion Weeks, looking for edgy accessories and surprising items.

Lavazza calendar

If you’re into iced coffee, no matter the weather, then you’re all about the latest trends. You’re the first one from your circle of friends to try furry shoes, skirt over pants or culottes. You’re suffering from FOMO, being constantly on Social Media networks.

Keep your circle small. #coffeenclothes #☕️👕 @tania_sarin

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Last but not least, if you’re always ordering lattes for their art, not their taste, you are a free spirit, with lots of imagination and creativity. Your style is mostly vintage with boho elements and all sort of ethnic pieces that speak about a culture or era.

Trifecta. What's your favorite color? Comment below. #coffeenclothes #☕️👕 @albaleader

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