Macho style. They see me rollin’…

This guy is way over his head when it comes to style!

I saw his outfit after my friend point it out – I snapped a shot last minute, while I was still savoring my last sip of coffee. I know transitional clothing can be a headache, but really?!

This guy tried to stay warm in summer clothes (beginning of October, here, mate, 60.8°F!), while thinking he could pull off last years’ trends (cropped pants, slip-ons). He couldn’t have been more wrong!

This winter vest is meant for outdoor activities, over a hoodie or knitted sweater. That tee does not belong here, no matter how much he’d like to emphasize his biceps. The cuffs are too rolled up and show incredible unattractive ankles while the ugly slip-ons send a message of utter and complete lack of taste.

Unfortunately, friends, this is the way many machos dress around here – a sort of “style” that can be described urban bouncer or edgy gym :)))

My idea of a stylish man in cropped pants? Something along these lines:

What’s your view on cropped jeans/pants for men – do or don’t?

photo, tumblr/tommyton,

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