What’s the deal with Mansur Gavriel

The name doesn’t ring a bell?

Well, I’m sure their bucket bags, do. They took the world by storm at the beginning of the year, appearing first on the shoulders of celebrities and stylish New Yorkers, then in the pages of famous fashion blogs. A couple of months ago, everybody jumped at the chance of making some close rip-offs, hoping fashionistas everywhere appreciate more the form and style, than the material – soft, sily leather.

In all colors, the trendy, practical and chic Mansur Gavriel bucket bags were everywhere. But who is this mysterious man? Actually, there are 2 designers at the head of this American brand, neither exuding testosterone.

Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel are two stylish women that got together after meeting in 2010 at an XX concert in LA. Both had studies in design and fashion, one in USA, the other in Europe and knew they wanted to create a bag. The requisites: traditional vegetable tanned leather, mostly used in men’s attire, for asharp, cool and elegant” look.  The result: two bags, one a bucket bag with drawstrings, the other one, a tote. Many phone calls later and a fortunate encounter with a multi-brand boutique owner from New York, their bags got into production and launched in June 2013. 


The black bucket bag with red lining, Flamma, had the most popularity and boosted their business. Despite the overnight success, Mansur Gavriel chose to keep the number of bags pretty limited, working with just one manufacturer.

With prices ranging between  $400 and $1000, these bags have the popularity of the Birkin for everyday people. Suddenly, women can afford a chic, quality, statement bag that doesn’t go out of style.

At this NYFW, Mansur Gavriel opened their gates for a shoe collection! It was an atypical show – models sitting on velvety pink couches, dressed in the fondant colors, carrying four new bag silhouettes – Flat, Volume & Moon clutches and Circle bags (the latter, soon to become a hit, I’m sure of it!).




Excitement only grew when editors saw what they were walking in  – mules in 4 styles with 5 different heel heights with the same pastel notes in beautiful suede or untanned leather.


What do you think of the new collection – will it sell out in a couple of weeks? Would you buy one?

photo source:Instagram/Mansur Gavriel, mansurgavriel.com

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