What’s The Deal With Human Backpacks

If you’ve missed out on Paris Fashion Week, hiding away in your hybernating pad,  you probably just stumbled upon some bizarre images. Women carrying other women, in front or the back, as human backpacks, if you will.
Now, before you shut down your computer, convinced this is the end of reasonable, likeable fashion, let me tell you the real and complete story of these photos. No, they’re not Photoshopped. They’re actually shots from Rick Owen’s spring/summer 2016 show, one of the designers who puts incredible accent on the atmosphere and set of a collection (more than on the clothes, to my opinion).
So, this time around, his inspiration was motherhood and sisterhood, women supporting each other, carrying (the other ones) on. Naturally, the fashion show was extremely descriptive, 11 of the 42 models pairing up, one carrying the other upside down – butts in their faces and all of that.

I don’t know how successfully  can these tricks carry on the message; in fact, this coreography merely scratches the surface of a complex subject such as relationships between generations, motherhood and femininity. While they convey a sense of belonging and fluidity, the clothes don’t add any value to the concept, confusing the audiences even more. On their own, they don’t have the strength to provoke…


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Great opening, very shocking as always, but as actual clothes go, nothing memorable here…
photo source: Instagram/uwinfashion

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