The expired diva: Mariah Carey

You know the sort of people who live in their own, little world? The type that feed their ego with prom or beauty pageant photos, compliments and sneaky love affairs from when they were young? The ones that need to tell themselves every morning there’s no one better in the world just to make it one more day?
That’s Mariah Carey – an expired diva. The Mariah Carey everyone loved in the 90s, the talented singer, delicate woman that could really  touch our hearts, disappeared overnight. Fame doesn’t suit well everybody. It got to her head – Mariah disappeared and Mimi came to surface.
Shallow, all butterflies and pink, delivering pop songs that nobody recalls. That was Mimi. Motherhood didn’t change her much. In August, while she was posing on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, her son walked up to her, desperate for attention. Do you think she even flinched? Nooo! Why spoil a perfect smile for the camera, right?


This is what I call cold-blooded diva.

A woman so absorbed with who she is and pretends to be, that is completely blind to everything else around her. Check the selfie above – never mind the crowd and the fans, that glitter and passe curls had to be snaped! See the expression of the woman in the background, far-left? :))) Horrified and for good reason!
And the outfit above? Predictable and boring.
Time is passing, Mariah! Try to catch up with the rest of the world!
photo: Instagram/MariahCarey

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