What’s Fergie doing? Going to church!

When it comes to job interviews, everyone follows a dress code. Same thing applies to theme parties and official dinners. Even celebrities respect dutifully gym attire and have a notion of what fitness dress code means. So why is it different when it comes to church??
Why shouldn’t celebrities wear appropriate clothing to this particular place? I’m not going to start a big discussion here about spirituality, rules of church and those of fanatics, this is not the point. I don’t think (or expect) that regular, modern women, dress in long, black skirts and cover their heads every Sunday, but somehow I bet they avoid golden shirts and shorts.

I mean… can Fergie and the likes of her stop one moment from thinking of paparazzi and just dress casually? God, she wears more decent items on the way to the market or like I said, to the gym!
In a spiritual place like a church, no one stares at you and criticizes (or if they do, they’ll never admit it to your face). Everybody goes there (or should go there) willingly, to find peace and answers, not to notice if your make-up is flawless and your legs, cellulite-free.
So, will the normal Fergie please stand up? This version of her is so self-absorbed, that she’s actually sacrificed comfort for high heels and gave it one more go in those beach shorts. Not to mention the kid! Why, in God’s name (pun unintended), is he wearing bunny years? It’s not Halloween yet, Fergie!
Oh, I got it! You’re planning a quick stop to the carnival before, right? 
photo source: instagram.com

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