The Restraining Shirt from Isabel Marant

I love Isabel Marant. She’s one of the few designers that creates clothes which can actually be worn on a daily basis. Practical, a bit masculine, comfortable but always unique, with a boho elements I appreciate everytime – I’m in love with her collections.
Naturally, I’ve glanced at her s/s2016 ready-to-wear pieces – although I loved the black jackets with gold buckles and voluminous sleeves, the golden pants and oversized sweaters and dresses, I couldn’t bring myself to LIKE the shirts.
Especially the one above! Really now, wraping is a modern way of adding an unexpected twist to an otherwise simple white blouse, but this isn’t flattering by any means! On the contrary – it reminds me of restraining clothes in mental asylums and that’s not what I’d want to ever suggest.


For a Halloween party, it might be a way of going with the theme without wearing a full-on costume, avoiding the kitschy options out there. But where could you wear it, otherwise?!
Besides, I’m not so convinced on the victorian inspiration for the sleeves or the side neckline – it seems like a piece of clothing that could effectively hide any woman’s features, not accentuate them.
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