What’s The Deal With Selfie Wedding Sticks

You’ve probably heard by now that there’s a new selfie stick in town. Not necesarrily groundbreaking in shape and function, but with a shocking new roleplay.
Indeed, designer Reem Acra gave a new purpose to the selfie stick, probably trying to save its reputation. Instead of being just a ridiculous piece of equipment Asians love to bring in their travels, taking selfies on the edge of  monuments (because that’s why they spend $2000 dollars on the exotic trip – just to squish their face into yet another photo!), Acra elevated the selfie stick to bridal accessory.
Instead of wearing a delicate bouquet, the Millenial bridal should parade with a selfie stick up to the critical point of saying “Yes”.

Adorned with pearls, cristals and tulle, Reem Acra’s selfie stick wants to be the perfect bride’s assistant – documenting her prep for the big day, her exquisite outfit and make-up and less of .. you know, the groom and guests. A bit of a selfish person, you say?
Noooo, not at all, just a tiny narcissist who loves to play more with herself than the others. Hence, the tiara/veil replaced in Acra’s vision with flashy headphones, as to cancel the groom’s “sappy” love declaration. Yeaah, who needs to hear the actual ceremony, right? :)))

All in all guys, I love how the designer’s clear intent of ridiculizing selfies and young adult’s need of being alone, in a more technical world than ever, has actually resulted into a one-dimensional critique of  women and, particularly, brides. No, Reem Acra – believe it or not, we’re not all self-absorbed puppets, who spend free time glorifying our looks.

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