What’s The Deal With Clip-On Men Buns

The lazy girl’s go to hairstyle is threatening to become more and more a reality for… men. I’m talking about hair buns.
Easy to keep in place with elastics and pins, they’re our quick solution when we don’t have time for anything elaborate or we’re having a bad hair day. But is it really something men should be sporting?
I mean, okay, back in the days of the Tang Dinasty (circa 700, China) or the Heian era of Japan, men used to sport their hair looong, so long, they’d make any celebrity jealous (and her extensions!). It was a sign of virility and social control, but they never let it loose outside their home, preferring to tie it into a small bun on top of their head, sometimes covered with a black cloth. Likewise, Japanese men wore their hair in neat topknots, leaving the women to show their flowy, silk-like black hair.

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That being said, hundreds of years later men are divided between rockers and hippies who refuse to see a scissor, hipsters who use tons of products to replicate Bieber, Adam Levine & co. and businessmen who regularly go for a precise cut. A handful of men still long for the Samurai days and perhaps for these couple of misunderstood folks clip-on buns have been invented.
Detachable, they’re supposed to be accessories to put on at boho parties or Halloween and take off on everyday life (at least, that’s what I hope!). Ridiculous by all means, clip-on men buns are on the market for $9.99/piece and I’m very curious who will actually buy them using their real life name:

man-bun-hair-trend-fake-clip-on-2 man-bun-hair-trend-fake-clip-on-3

Hmm.. sexy, right? :)) What’s it gonna be: David Beckham after making a drunk manbun purchase or a bullfighter with a “come here” look?
photos: deviantart.net, pinterest.com, groupon.com

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