A Stylish, Grinchy Gift Guide

I don’t know about you, but once December finally kicks in, I get into full gift-shopping mode. It’s soo much better than buying things for yourself! I love seeing my friends’ faces lit up after unpacking some goodies they’ve longed for. I also love a good laugh and try to mix practicality with humor every chance I get.
With that in mind, I thought I’d compile the ultimate gift guide for Christmas: quirky, stylish, luxe even, depending on personality and budget. Don’t fret – I thought about everyone: mom, dad, boyfriend, his folks, your friends, even siblings. Yeah, yeah, they’re nasty the entire year but I say let things slide during the holidays.



1. A way to travel across the globe from home for his dad.
2. A super warm, cozy Merino wool scarf for your granny – she deserves it.
3. A unisex, rare wooden watch for his mom.
4. Before your mom gets jealous, get her a super girly Marc Jacobs watch.
5. A sweater that reminds your sister about your childhood Christmas movies.
6. A gentleman’s kit for your handsome father.


1.A limited edition nail colab that your trendy friend will absolutely adore.
2.A pair of headphones any respectable music addict needs to have.
3. The chicest water bottle on the market for your alway dehydrated friend (or serial runner).
4. A fashionable print your artistic friend needs.
5. A power bag for your best friend.
6.  A quirky card set for the friend who refuses to grow up.


1.A homemade gin kit that will surprise and delight your BF.
2. A customizable shirt if he’s not much of a drinker.
3. A little something for the guy who just adopted a dog.
4. A self-stirring mug for you lazy brother.
5. A book about regrettable superheroes for your geeky friend.

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