Winter Coat Hood Disaster

Guys, I might be biased (well, who am I kidding? Of course, I’m biased but a. it’s a blog, b. I’m a Grinch soo… it comes with the territory) but winter coats and parkas with fur-lined hoodies are not for men. Fur coats like the ones Bear Grylls wears in Siberia are for men. Fur coats like the eschimos wear are for men. Fur from head to toe, meant to keep you alive in harsh conditions, can be worn, without question, by men and women alike.
But this oversized, puffy fur-lined hoodie above, attached to a slim winter coat, with an awkward tassel for topping is not at all cool. That hood is so big you can’t see that guy’s face anymore. Look at it above! But the tassel.. the tassel is really what brings it to Santa’s Elves land.
Compare it to these chic alternatives and then tell me what you think in the commentary section below:

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