Best Bargains: November

November was strange. I was all set for dreaming about Christmas, yet the sun was up as always, there was not a single snowflake in sight and no freezing temperatures to get your gloves on and your chocolate cup ready. But my  heart was more than prepared for a month of joy, fluffy sweaters, cozy pajamas and sparkling beauty products.

BTW, I told you I’m a soulshifter, right? I told you that in winter, I put down my Grinch cape and start seeing the bright side of things? If not, there it is – this month, you’ll see me more focused on how to get your spirits high with great quizzes and your curiosity piqued with #stylesnippets from the beginning of time. 

Don’t worry – in January, you’ll find your sarcastic, judgy but well-intended friend here again.

Until then, I’m excited to share my personal outfit pics for Christmas parties and the best bargains in my closet right now. Last month, I’ve scored the comfiest pair of pajamas in the world, a miracle texturizing water and the beauty products I’ll be wearing all winter long.















These pretty pajamas were an impulsive purchase I don’t regret a bit. I didn’t exactly need them, but the grey, red and blue pallette of colors was made for me. I absolutely loved the checkered print and the Christmasy colors.



























As you can see, the material is light and cozy, perfect for winter nights (yes, I’m still hoping!). At a mere $8.5, I’d say I made a good deal!

Have you ever fallen in love with a simple wooden basket? I did! @ikea

Have you ever fallen in love with a simple wooden basket? I did! @ikea




























My beauty cabinet welcomed 3 new members: Balea Volume Effect Forming Water, Melkior Purple Haze Eyeshadow and Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Hot Plum lipstick. 















First of all, the forming water. It was great for me because a. I just wanted a little punch, since I naturally have wavy hair, b. I hate coarse strands of hair, that are usually the result of hairstyling foam and c. I don’t like putting a lot of product in my hair. So, this product is super light (water, duh!), easy to manage (it’s in spray form) and defines my curls subtly. I put it on before blow-drying. It cost me about $5 in the store but I see it’s a lot cheaper online (link above!).














The lipstick was a Black Friday deal so I payed just $3 😀 I finally found the shade I was looking for – an icy plum. Since it’s a bold color, I’m planning to wear it with natural make-up: tinted moisturizer and a fine layer of gold eyeshadow. As for the Melkior product, the colder shade of purple will help me to contour the eyelid (and is great to mix with silver eyeliner for a party look). That one was $6.












See the party looks I intend to wear these beauty items with here!

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