2016 Is All About Passion

This year, I’m going to forget all about resolutions and planning. It’s stressful, right, knowing that on the 1st of January you sorta get a do-over? A brand new year to accomplish everything you’ve dreamed of, but never got around to it. The possibilities are endless, so you think that in the 364 days remaining you’ll go to the gym regularly, eat only healthy food, relax at least once a month in a spa or mountain resort, do some meditation and clear up your head.

I used to make the same mistake. On New Year’s Eve I’d take a small break to write down everything I want to do – from challenging myself more at work to trying bungee! But this time, I guess resolutions lost their significance.

In 2016, I decided to concentrate on passsion(s). The end of 2015 got me thinking – the best times were the ones when I truly devoted time to my hobbies and passions, when I immersed myself in something that brought extreme joy. The past few months were all about taking photographs, editing them, reading and writing, creating and playing with content. Some people didn’t quite see it, but all these brought a clarity of mind I’d longed for.

It turns out discovering yourself never truly ends and finding peace has nothing to do with stability and safety, like I thought. Inner peace comes with appreciating everything that comes your way and putting fear aside. Before I get too philosophical, some piece of advice:

  • don’t use coffee as fuel to work faster in the dead of night; appreciate the flavor, savor every drop
  • do some anger management on the spot, not at the end of the day, punching your pillows
  • make plans but make room for change
  • hire a stylist to match your life style with your wardrobe
  • buy the irresistable, the unthinkable, not the trendy and safe
  • remember: you’re the first priority in your life!

And hey – let’s have some fun! You can’t have your childhood back but if you look closely, beautiful and enjoyable things are all around you 🙂

See you next year,

The Fashion Grinch (with her mysterious friend, somewhere, on New Year’s Eve)


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