Chic On The Slope

Hitting the slopes soon? Better be prepared! If you’ve been a couple of times there but this is the first time you’re bringing HIM along or you’re RSVP-ing to a luxury mountain resort invite, you better pack as a style maiden.
Yes, comfortable, practical and warm are key words when it comes to winter and seasonal sports but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the IT factor on the slope. Before searching for the cute and trendy ask yourself this: are you looking for a minimalistic, elegant look or do you want to spice things up with colorful items?
If you’re trying to emulate the cool, colected and runway model look, choose a monochromatic outfit – either all white/grey (the look many stars go for) or all black (something Irina Shaik would wear):

Otherwise, choose a red or bright pink ski jacket and purple beanie like Silje Norendal (first pic above), a famous slopestyle snowboarder from Norway.
Once you’ve got your outfit figured out, take some friendly cues for accessories too:
  • try to match boots and gloves
  • go for blue or gold snowglasses
  • accentuate an all white outfit with gold or silver accents and a black outfit with copper hues
Looks well in the picture but where do you start from, right? Here are some luxe options, before you check anything else out:


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