Best Bargains: December

How’s the New Year treating you? No change, huh? Yeah, I’m taking more time  adjusting to a work schedule, too. I can’t say I’m thrilled to go out there and make plans unless they involve… new clothes :d
I’m checking out new collections already, making a 30 something must-have list (although, I’ll probably be a sensible buyer this month and stick with 2,3 things). All December was about gift offering (and I’m exhausted and resource-depleted) buut I made room for just a few bargains:
Limited Edition Victoria’s Secret Cheekini 
First of all, one irresistable piece from VS (see above pic and below). Some context: scouring through lingerie treats and sales is a holiday tradition for me and my friend 🙂 . This cheekini had everything I wanted in a piece of underwear: quality material, surprising shape and a sexy factor of above 100 😀


The front is almost all lace while the back is all mesh. I love that the sides are stitched in such a way as to suggest a cutout.


Also, while they appear crotchless from a distance, there’s actually a nude mesh in front, behind the intricate black lace. The price? Very low for such a lovely, unique piece: $8.5.
Victoria’s Secret Christmas Vibe Push-up Bra 
As I said, once me and R. end up on the VS site, you can consider us lost and very hard to find. Of course, last month we didn’t  just stop at the panties station. Nope, we moved on to pretty little bras, like the one below:


I absolutely loved the plaid pattern and red lace combo. It was homey, Cristmassy but still girly. It’s closed in the front, while the straps go around the neck and close back, where they meet the gray cotton band.


I love to wear this bra with V-neck sweaters and any blouse that gives away a bit of the velvety red straps. I got it from Victoria’s Secret for $35!


Fluffy Home Uggs


From sexy to… shamelessly cozy? Granted, these have nothing to do with Victoria’s Secret and lingerie. Nope, these UGG-inspired fluffy slippers are pure comfort, coziness and homefulness. Blue with white daisies, they’re a reminder of spring in the dead of winter.


They make a great combo with my OYSHO hedgehog patterned flannel pants, ensuring I have toasty feet when I sit at the desk, like now. Here, it gets pretty chilly since I tend to rest my feet on the chair’s metallic support.


They were around 5$, if I’m not mistaken, bought from a little shop at the beginning of December.
Cozy or sexy? What sort of piece will you invest in this January?
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  • Best Bargains: February -

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