Five Friday Rules 

{Donna Karan turtleneck, Vince Grey coat, Saint Laurent leather pants, Abcense Obtuse booties, Emporio Armani watch, Madotta marble case}

1. Every woman has two winter essentials: a puffy winter jacket and a winter coat. At least! Pair the puffy one with jeans/knitted high tights, any sport sweater/hoodie and mountain boots. Save the coat for dresses, skirts, ankle boots and thigh-high boots. Never wear the sporty, puffy jacket with an elegant dress or girly skirt!
2. Can you wear a midi skirt if you’re 5’3″? Yes, but choose it carefully. The hemline should stop just below the knee, NEVER at the half of your calves! Pair it with heels, preferably pumps, instead of ankle boots. You need to emphasize those legs! Also, avoid at all cost wearing voluminous sweaters or long, roomy shirts with this type of skirt. Choose crop tops and blouses that follow the shape of your torso.

3. An all-black outfit doesn’t necessarily show sophistication and fashion knowledge, as you might think. Pairing it with neutrals, geometrical or ethnic prints, minimalistic accessories and asymetrical pieces, DOES.
4. You just bought a killer mini skirt but it has the tendency of rising up, to the point where it becomes more of a belt?! Don’t risk it! If you can’t wear it without a pantyhose (the real culprit), do what I do: wear a trench! Since it ends (at least) a palm above the knee, no one will see you private parts!
5. From time to time, switch up your routine. Until recently, I always wore skirts with heels – be they pumps, sandals, ankle boots or knee-high boots. But after purchasing my CK flat boots… I realized I loved them so much – the shape, the comfort – that I wanted to see how they looked like in this combo. So, I chose this midi skirt and a leather mini one (to be featured on the blog), I put the boots on and went to the mirror to see both looks. Surprise, surprise – they gave that casual, French vibe I’d been looking for!

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