Winter Sequins And Leather

I always say warmth trumps fashion during the winter months.

When I see bare legs, shorts and open-toe booties when it’s below zero degrees outside, I’m like…


Because, seriously, why would you wanna freeze to death?!

That being said, of course I hate looking like the Michelin man, all bundled up in 10 layers of clothing. So I try to keep it cozy and feminine.

One way to do that is to invest in 100 den tights and never leave the house in anything but knee-high boots (wear an extra pair of fluffy socks if you’re prone to chilly feet). Then, you can wear a skirt (not a mini, not made from the thinnest of materials) – for me, it’s usually leather or suede, during this time.


{Zara green leather skirt, Roberto Botella boots, H&M sweater}

Once I’m done with the bottom, how to take things up a notch above? Since it’s holiday season, now is my time to sparkle. I’m all about red, gold and sequins.

For a stroll in the park followed by a coffee indoors, I chose a grey sweater with a cute message in silver sequins – the neutral grey keeps it from looking like a disco ball!


{Meli Melo longest scarf eveeer in plum}

Best way to keep warm? A looong, looong winter shawl or scarf. Here’s my favorite one, in plum – I roll it twice around my neck and there’s still material hanging from my shoulders. But hey, everything to keep me from having a soar throat days later 😛

The last pieces to this winter puzzle: coat and beanie.


{H&M purple coat and black beanie}

This is where you don’t take any chances. I have two options coming winter: puffy winter jacket or sturdy, linen coat. No middleground. It’s the only way I can be sure I’m going to be warm, no matter what I wear underneath. Since puffy jackets are reserved for sporty outfits ONLY, I took my plum coat for a ride and a black knitted beanie with a bit of an “Easter Egg” hidden from plain sight:


Ta-da! Furry rabbit tail – looks like it right? :))

Now, that the outfit is done, how about make-up? For a day look, I promised myself to be more lipstick-inclined than liquid eyeliner fan. So, from November, I think, I stockpiled on my lipstick collection adding bold colors. This one is a hot pink/plum from Maybelline – see it better below:


{MAC Brownborder eyeliner, Sephora eyeshadow, Lancome Absolu Voyage blush}

Shock: no glasses! Yes, I know – it’s been a while since I posed like this in front of the camera, I almost forgot how my face looked pre-glasses. Coming back to beauty regime, as you can see I’m slightly defining my eyes, but trying to keep a natural feel, since I’ve opted for suck a strong lipstick shade.


One piece of advice: in winter, when there are so many items going on – beanie, scarf, coat, skirt, sweater, tights… etc., go for monochrome two- toned outfits.

I went with purple and green. As you can see, I didn’t stray away too much from them, just adding a bit of black and grey – neutrals are fine. If I’d gone for red, navy, purple, grey.. it would have been chaos.

Choose two and always check the mirror – it’s your best friend, believe me. Scan yourself from head to tow and see if everything clicks:


If it does, go outside and enjoy the snow, the hot chocolate or coffee, even build a snowman! Live life fully, instead of barely walking on stilettos, feeling your ears freezing or refusing to bend over in case… everyone sees more than they’d want too.

Kisses and … make a wish:


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