My Most Prized Possessions

Do you read Emily Schuman’s Cupcakes and Cashmere blog? I’m a bit of a fan, though she’s more sweet than sour, not at all a Grinch. Well, a couple of days ago she wrote about the clothes we can’t bring ourselves to throw away, those who hold a special place in our hearts – maybe they were silent witnesses to some great moments in our lives or were gifts from our dear ones.

It got me thinking… do I own such a piece?

Most of my clothes are thought-out purchases, things I’ve bought after careful consideration (a.k.a lots of magazine reading and trends forecast). There’s the ocassional impulse buy and Christmas present, but nothing that I associate with tears, laughter and unique moments… or so I thought.

There’s one particular burgundy dress that’s been with me for 4 years now, if I remember well. It was a gift from my mom and I know it totally surprised me because:

a. it was a bit of an unorthodox choice for my elegant mother, who loves classic pieces

b. it suited me perfectly, without trying it on before

Burgundy dress

I’m talking about a mini knitted dress, sleeveless because… wait for it… it has separate sleeves, with holes for your thumbs. Pretty rock’n’roll, huh?


Soon, it became my go-to dress when I wanted to feel good about myself. The fabric clinged to the body, showing it off nicely and that gave me loads of confidence. So much so, that I wore it at my first date with T.

I remember everything in detail, especially the compliments and his sparkling eyes. He told me afterwards that seeing me in this sexy dress, slowly sipping a martini, was a big turn on 🙂

Going through my closet and jewellery boxes, I discovered some pieces that brought me totally different emotions.

Old jewelry

The green necklace from above is a personalized piece by a friend of my mother’s. She works with precious stones that reflect one’s personality and zodiac sign. The tiny rocks above are emeralds, a Taurus’ gems. 

The pink and yellow necklace is sooo old! It has about 15 years, at least. It’s not a vintage piece, but I know I fell in love with it as a child. It belonged to my mom and I longed for it so much that she gave it to me later on, when I was in highschool. I wear it in spring and summer with the same joy I had as a kid, when these rectangular pieces looked like delicious candy.

Finally, these gems from my mom and grandma:


Grandma reluctantly borrowed the bracelet above for I don’t-know-what-fancy-ceremony I had and…well… I haven’t returned it since :)) She knows I love it and of course appreciated the fact that her golden cuff had found a home. Everytime I put it on I marvel at it, because, really, I haven’t seen this design anywhere else.

The brooch is from my mom (elegant, told you!). Admittedly, I don’t wear it often but… I could never part with it – it’s a treasure on its own. I usually pair it with a white shirt, closing it at the collar, and leather pants. Of course, everyone who sees it asks about the price and place of purchase and I can’t be prouder when I simply say: “I have no idea. It’s a family legacy”.

Do you have clothes or accessories with sentimental value for you?

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