Five Friday Rules

{Victoria Beckham dress, Christian Louboutin Corafront heels and vanite clutch, AS29 diamond earrings, HOORSENBUHS bracelet}

1.Never go back. It’s one principle that applies to many areas of life, fashion included. Even if your worn-out Converse shoes, denim backpacks and bandanas bring back lovely memories, you’re now an adult, a woman no less. It’s time to give up teenager items and embrace your new self. Clean your closet and invest in Oxford flats or suede stilettos, pencil skirts, feminine coats and blazers.

2.Buy sensibly. For example, shoes. What do you absolutely need? Sneakers – for gym or sporty outfits -, a pair of flats (my favorite are loafers and brogues, no more ballet flats), a pair of heels (preferably escarpins, in a neutral color for everyday walking) and sandals (Roman or wedges for summer outfits). Once you have these basic 4, you’re set. No need to buy dozens of heels just to discover you have no comfortable flats.


3.Take advantage of sale season. The catch? Instead of “the more, the merrier” and “the cheaper, the better”, go through stores until you find THE coat or bag that’s missing out of your closet, the one you’ve longed for.

4.Wear red. Women don’t wear enough red. Convinced it’s a provocative color, we avoid it at work (“what would the boss say?!”), at dates (“don’t want to send the wrong message”), even at brunches (“I’ll be too dressed”). Red is a color that shows passion, strength, that builds confidence and sets you apart. Don’t limit yourself to a red lipstick – go for red heels, a red coat, hat, dress (!!!) or even pants – you’re going to look fierce.

5.Know the difference between pattern and print. To be frank, a couple of years ago, I was using these terms like synonyms, until Irina set me straight. Now I can share my knowledge to you. So, when you speak about the pattern of a shirt, you’re talking about a repeated design woven in fabric; if you look on the inside, you can see the same repeated design. A print is a design dyed or painted on the top/exterior layer of a cloth. Turn it over and you’ll monochrome cloth, nothing else.

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