Comfortable And Sexy? A Thesis

Choosing comfortable shoes shouldn’t be rocket science. But since we have a lot of trouble giving up what we desire for what is healthy for us (beautiful stilettos for cute flats, in this case) scientists took a step forward and put their expertise to good use.

It’s not a drill, guys – actual engineers are now focused on delivering the perfect shoes: sturdy, comfy, sexy. With added height, of course.

Astronaut, rocket scientist, surgeon, fashion scientist… Wait, whaat? Is that really a thing? Hard to believe – I hope it’s not one of those made-up position titles, like Assistant Sales Development Crafting Unit Responsible… etc.

Still, their basic idea – replacing metal with polymer – seems to be a logical step to a more comfortable feet support. Why hasn’t been done yet – too expensive for a fast-paced industry or too lazy to care?

No matter what the reasons are, it’s comforting to know that the first steps to a healthier lifestyle are being made. Until we can all afford Thesis shoes, how about changing our shopping habits?

How many stillettos do you have vs flats? Can you see yourself giving up some of them in favor of comfort and beautiful feet? 

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