Human Canvas

Crazy colored furs and tights, pointy hoods like in the Smurfs series, fake Burberry scarves and golden jackets like it’s the 80s – this city has seen a lot in the last couple of winters.

But coats that take you back to the 14th century? That’s a new one! A friend saw this artsy coat on the road yesterday and couldn’t help but take a picture of it (to my delight, hehehe).

Is that Madonna and the baby, printed on a puffy winter coat, in shades that resemble the mud left from the melting snow? Indeed! It’s not as hard on the eyes as these neon-fur-balls-jackets, but it’s still a bit of a gamble.

I find it disgraceful, if not plain weird to wear renaissance paintings as warmers, but hey, D&G pulled out a whole collection like this:

I appreciate the embellishments, but maybe… no icons next time?

photo source: Vlad Cepraga

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